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Granite Countertops Algonac MI Enter the Stone-age to see Advanced Manufacturing

Surface Encounters granite countertops and natural stone fabricators invest in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment for precision and accuracy in creating quality kitchen and bathroom countertops

Granite Countertops Algonac, MI -- Surface Encounters granite countertop manufacturers proudly open their showroom for guided tours to show how they stay ahead of the competition. Owner, Chuck Russo, explains how the advanced manufacturing process and automated technology makes a difference in accuracy and precision.

The Surface Encounters process is nothing short of amazing. The laser measuring alignment program guides the diamond-tipped sculpting tools to produce fine granite countertops and natural stone surfaces. This technology eliminates human error while allowing the existing countertop to remain undisturbed until the new one is ready to install.

The Surface Encounters showroom is large, clean and well-lit to display an art gallery of Mother Nature’s finest products. Large windows in the back allow consumers to view the granite countertop fabrication process using the latest computer controlled equipment from start to finish.

Chuck Russo conducts showroom tours daily to explain to customers how the high-tech automated equipment provides quality results with a quick turn-around time to guarantee satisfaction and price assurance. “We have over one million dollars invested in the fabricating equipment,” said Russo, “Only 5% of granite and stone fabricators are using the technology. They have employees cutting and shaping the stone with routers and hand tools. A perfect cut and finish is impossible to attain with humans using hand tools, even with a very experienced technician.”

Chuck Russo encourages the public to step into the stone-age and see technology at work. The impressive Surface Encounters showroom and art gallery are open 7 days a week and a professional representative is always available to lead a tour.


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